CogMAP TEST with BrainFit Indonesia

CogMAP TEST with BrainFit Indonesia
Did you know that every child is unique? Parents need to understand the uniqueness of each child in order to understand that this affects their learning styles.
December 8th 2019 at Pondok Indah Campus, UIC College in collaboration with BrainFit Indonesia, who has run the most up-to-date and scientific brain fitness training programs since 2001, conducted CogMAP Tests that measure the 5 cognitive systems that keep child learning engines in tip-top condition.
CogMAP evaluates a student’s cognitive skills in the 5 brain fitness systems of Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, Sensory-Motor Processing, Attention and Memory, and Social-Emotional Functioning. These five things can describe the intelligence of children in receiving, storing, processing and understanding information. This cognitive ability will always be used by children
in their daily lives, from learning to doing simple things to complicated things.

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