Graduation July & September Intake 2013

Graduation July & September Intake 2013

Uniprep & UIC College of Business and Design under Unisadhugua International Education (UIE) held their first graduation of the year at Soehana Hall, The Energy Building SCBD, More than 50 students graduated this year where most of them will continue their further studies abroad. Academic and non-academic 20 for 20 scholarships were also given to some of the students who achieved who have achieved excellence for their academic performance in order to celebrate 20 Years of Unisadhuguna. The scholarship goes to Elaine Regina.

Not only scholarships were given, awards were also presented during the ceremony. Awards for the best Uniprep Students 2014 goes to Gilda Livani Lie and Try Putra Widjaja.

The design students had the opportunity to reveal their best outcomes through the exhibition that was arranged together with the ceremony.

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