We Play & We Win TOGETHER!

Many students might roll their eyes if asked to participate in outdoor activities, but turns out that our students were definitely enjoyed it.
Outbound is an annual campus activity that has been held every year that requires students to develop communication skills through various team building games.

As students become more and more disconnected from their peers and their learning because they spend much of their time on social media, this kind of activities are a great way to reconnect students to nature and team-work, and to have fun while doing so. Gratefully, all students laughed for hours and had so much fun. It was a very fabulous day of experience!

Our event was very successful, a big thank you to our academic team & SSC (Students Services Centre) for all the arrangements and efforts. Their positive energy are simply the best and we could not do these events without them.

We also would like to congratulate all the winners! You did great!
But never forget that everyone of you is a champion!

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