The Rise of Social Robots

The Rise of Social Robots

Dr. Christine Mathies, Associate Professor and Academic Director Undergraduate Program UNSW Business School visited Pondok Indah Campus on July 22nd 2019, to meet all Uniprep students from 4 campuses. Her current research area is Service Robots and she was so excited to be Uniprep UNSW Special Guest Lecture on the rise of social robot related with business world.

The Topic for Guest Lecture of the day was “The Rise of Social Robots: What That Means for Business, Employees and Consumers and Ethical Implications”. 

It was leading our students to different points of view, and enhances their learning experience by providing inspirational insights about social robot. 

It was a very stimulating and interesting session on robotics. In addition to this, Dr. Christine Mathies also made her presentation very simple and easy to understand which kept all students engaged throughout the session.

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